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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • B.A.R.C. Athletics Photo and Video Use Policy

    By registering for a B.A.R.C. Athletics' Program, I understand that:

    • My child's photographs and videos may be used individually or in conjunction with other images.
    • My child's photographs and videos may be altered, modified, or combined with other materials as deemed appropriate by B.A.R.C. Athletics 
    • I have no ownership or copyright claims to the images or videos. 
    • B.A.R.C. Athletics retains the right to use these images or videos for the stated purposes without any further obligations to me.

    I acknowledge that: 

    • Participation is voluntary, and I have the right to refuse to participate or to withdraw my consent at any time. 
    • If I choose to revoke my consent, I must provide written notice to the Director of Recreation, Ken Grybel II at 
    • Revoking my consent will not affect any images or videos that have already been used.
  • What happens if school is canceled?

    • When Brighton schools are closed because of bad weather or Covid, Community Education and B.A.R.C. athletics activities are cancelled or will be held virtually. Every attempt will be made to reschedule cancelled classes if circumstances allow, however make up classes are not guaranteed.
  • What if a B.A.R.C. Athletics game is canceled?

    • When B.A.R.C. games are canceled due to bad weather, unplayable field conditions, or unforeseen circumstances, every attempt will be made to reschedule if circumstances allow. Make up games are not guaranteed. No refund or credit will be given if games cannot be made up. 
  • What is B.A.R.C. Athletics Code of Conduct?

    Code of Conduct

    All parents, spectators, players & coaches are expected to:

    • Respect authority
      • You will not always agree with a decision but you are expected to show respect to all referees, coaches& BAS staff. If there is an issue you need to calmly speak to the Director of Recreation
    • Be encouraging
      • This means that you cheer, not yell. You should be an encouragement to each child on the court regardless of the team they are on. Each child is here to compete, learn and grow and all involved should be an aid in that not a detriment.
    • Be a good example
      • A child arguing with are referee is a learned behavior; don’t let them learn it from you. You are expected to be a good example to all on the court. What you do in moderation, the kids will do in excess.

    Should you violate any of these expectations, all disciplinary action will be reviewed by the Director of Recreation and disciplinary actions may be enforced.

  • What is B.A.R.C. Athletics refund policy?

    • 100% Registration fee refund minus $10 administrative fee if request is prior to deadline date. Minus jersey fee if refund request is made after jerseys are ordered.
    • 50% registration fee refund if refund request is made the week practice started but before first game is played.
    • 0% registration refund if request is made after the first game is played
    • Medical Refund Request - The Director of Recreation will determine the dollar amount that will be refunded after considering the circumstances
  • What is Brighton Community Education's refund policy?

    • The Community Education department, staff, and facilities are funded solely through registration fees. Since programs do not receive any state or federal funding, all one or two day classes and special event enrollments are final. We reserve the right to combine and/or cancel courses. In the event that class cannot run in-person, a refund will only be given (1) if the class is not able to run virtually and (2) will only apply to the actual classes cancelled. Every attempt will be made to reschedule cancelled classes if circumstances allow, however make up classes are not guaranteed and refunds will not be issued.
  • What is the Enrichment Refund Policy?

    • A refund will be issued if a class/program is cancelled by BCE.
    • Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for refund by check.
    • Approved student-requested class cancellations are charged a $10 service fee per class.
    • No refund will be issued unless you provide a two business day notice. 
    • No refunds for one or two day classes and special events
    • There will be no refunds once a class has started, for no-show attendance or for going to a wrong location.
    • Fees will not be prorated for missed classes.

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