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USA Flag Football
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About USA Flag Football

Skyhawks Flag Football League Fueled by USA Football is an exciting next step for beginner and intermediate players! Using skills and drills from USA Football’s Football Development Model paired with exciting league play, coaches will teach the key concepts of passing, receiving, running, kicking, punting, and flag pulling. Athletes will learn developmentally appropriate fundamentals and critical life lessons in a safe, fun environment. Each player will receive a USA Flag Football branded T-Shirt.

The schedule will consist of a 60-minute practice, 50-minute game time and 10min cool down/review Format of league games will be 6v6 or 7v7 depending on enrollment total Teams will have a limit of 10-11 players to maximize playing time Games are played on a 50-minute continuous clock with two 25-minute halves unless one team gains a 34-point advantage, at which point, the score is no longer kept. Clock stops only for timeouts or injuries Halftime is three minutes Each team has two 30-second timeouts per half In playoff games only, if the score is tied at the end of 50 minutes, an overtime period will be used to determine a winner Age Range U8-10 U11-14 Both subject to change based on enrollment