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Senior Center -
Fall 2022

(Ages 50+)  During this easy, relaxing exercise class, based on the ancient practice of QiGong, we will discover the Life Force Energy (call Qi) with our bodies and will use simple movements and sounds to enhance health.  You will learn to use breathing to calm the mind and promote energy while giving you the feeling of peace and well-being.  These simple exercises can be performed sitting or standing and no prior knowledge of QiGong is required.  Comfortable clothes and footwear are required.  Taught by Hilary Sproule, retired physical therapist and professor.

Benefits of Qigong include improved performance in intellectual and creative endeavors and sports, better overall health and well-being, and extended longevity.

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*You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program. By registering for this class you understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating and assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that you may incur while attending, exercising or participating in. You hereby waive all claims against the Brighton Senior Center, its instructors, or partners of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims or damages that you might incur.

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  Hilary Anne Sproule

Brighton Senior Center : Room D
Wednesdays, Sep 21 - Nov 2
9:00 - 10:00 AM

  No Class Oct 5


Price: $ 25 00

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